Our Equipment


Ohmniscan is a high-performance portable bio-impedance measuring device that enables, the essential data i.e.: lean mass, fat mass, water balance, basal metabolism, daily energy needs, body mass index to be calculated using a painless micro current technique. It is used for the initial assessment and for treatment monitoring Regular checks allow fat loss to be monitored and the results used as a highly motivational tool.


Low frequency ultrasounds are a sure and painless method that when combined with drainage enables the most rebellious fat particles to be treated. Low frequency ultrasounds penetrate through the adipose tissue; their vibrating action weakens the fibers that surround the adiposity cells and favors fat acids release. These low frequency ultrasounds, between 28 and 32 kHz, are applied under stationary conditions through a contact gel and have 3 effects: Mechanical effects: “micro-massage”: alternative compression and expansion of the tissues (pressure differences), provoke cells friction and tissue weakening Thermal effects: the energy released by the ultra-sounds becomes heat and favours a vasodilatation effects: they are due to both mechanical and thermal effects: it activates the local venous and lymphatic circulation and relaxes the muscles


Effilyse is the ideal assistant to develop and produce personalized diets for a wide spectrum of people (from the sedentary person to the top-level athlete). It is an “expert system” for health, fitness or sports professionals. Effilyse allows the creation of files per patient: identity, impedance and morphology measurements, physiological conditions, diet habits and the avoidance of certain food items. The measurements obtained with Ohmniscan can be entered in the Effilyse software and it will then calculate the patient’s daily energy needs. As the data on basic metabolism and energy needs are known, the software personalizes the menus according to these data.


Vacuum therapy combines two well-proven techniques: suction effect and mechanical palpate-roll. The combination of those two techniques, in a global slimming concept, offers good results particularly in cases where excess weight is hard to move.   The round heads with teflon rings slide easily over all skin surfaces, including hairy areas, with no risk of pinching. The heads are transparent so that the formation of the skin pleat can be checked and vascularisation can be verified.   Thanks to the use of the proper massage head, the Bioderm technique can be applied to the face, this is called Ridoplastie. Wrinkles are the result of skin ageing and also fibrinolytic phenomena which attach the base of the wrinkle to the tissues.   The face and neck are areas with lots of lymphatic and venous exchanges and are often insufficiently stimulated. Ridoplastie face cares give noticeable results from the first session as regards both external aspect and feeling of well-being.


Floating – The body experiences a new lightness. Slow weightlessness takes over. Wrapped in comfortable warmth, an initial feeling of security relieves body and soul. Soft music can be heard with the harmonic vibrations perceptible by all senses. Being in condition of total relaxation, you have a new dimension of recovery. The Thermo Spa Concerto is the total well-being solution. Its unique combination of functions makes a varied range of cosmetic and therapeutic treatments possible. The transition from reclining to floating is incomparably soft and pleasant. It turns the whole tub into a loudspeaker. The sound waves are not only audible; they can also be felt through the foil. This makes also a massage possible simply by the vibration of the sound waves: the whole body is set vibrating by the rhythm of the music.


Large massaging surface has a deep healing effect on the muscular system and is extremely pleasant for the sensitive parts of the body.   Advantages:       Body massage: natural brush plate, knobbed plate, rubber brush     Local massage: suction cup for face, neck and bust     Cosmetic sponge for distributing skin lotions     Natural hair brush which cleans and stimulates the skin to the depth: for face, neck and shoulders     Massage finger for reflex zone massage and acupressure


Surround yourself with millions of the finest whirls of air and eddies, bathe in a rainbow of colorful lighting and breathe in the finest fragrances. Enjoy the gentle massage, and bid the stress of your day farewell. Pamper all your senses. Your regained sense of equilibrium will have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.   Advantages:       Relieves tension     Reduces cellulitis, rheumatism and arthritis     Improves circulation     Stimulates the lymphatic system     Tautens the skin and connective tissue     Has a slimming effect


Paraffin wax has a very high “heat capacity,” meaning it is able to absorb and retain a great amount of heat. The Therabath takes advantage of paraffins heat-retaining capacity in a simple process called “heat transfer.” Very simply, the heat that goes into melting the paraffin is released when it solidifies into a custom-fitted, warm “glove,” thus transferring the heat deep into the affected joint or area. Each dip in a Therabath delivers a layer of fast-acting heat therapy.   Effective on: Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Spasms, Sports Injur


The movement of the vibration plate simulates the body s natural stretch reflex  (tonic vibration reflex). This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer in a doctors office. Without thinking of it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction leading to your leg  kicking  out.   With the Vibra-Fit technology these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate. Due to the involuntary effect on muscle contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle fibers are recruited. Compare this to conventional training where there is only an average of 40% muscle recruitment. This benefits the rehabilitation patient looking to add stability and strength to all muscles around their joints, to the athlete looking to maximize strength gains.   The gentle rapid contractions allow the muscle to work as a pump in introducing blood to even the smallest blood vessels. This leads to the ability of the body to carry off waste products much faster, leading to increased peripheral circulation. Positive effects:       Increase of the bone density, treatment of osteoporosis     Better blood circulation     building up of muscular strength and endurance     Develop the reflexes and the proprioception     Decrease of cellulite     Better metabolism, purification, fat burning     Tissue lifting


If StruzzoPlus speak by itself, it would speak of transfer, verticalization and movement in the name of simplicity, versatility, lightness, handiness and likableness. Perhaps it would not have the arrogance to say that it is the first in its class for everything, but it would proudly affirm that it knows how to do more things with respect to the others and that it is the result of deep consideration. A standing frame with motor unit powered by batteries and joystick control. Drive around the house or office


The Shockwave device represents today an innovative system that can give rise to a new and effective therapeutic approach for the treatment of various pathologies regarding soft tissues and the skeletal system.   The thrust implemented by the end side of a suitable applicator, that the operator has to put in contact with the suffering region, gives rise to small impulses with high intensity that are transmitted into the tissue. This originates a resonance phenomenon causing antalgic processes, reduction of local phlogosis, new formation of blood vessels, and reactivation of reparative processes.   The Shockwave device is a specific instrument for the treatment of pathologies into the Physical Therapy and Orthopaedics field. The antalgic, osteo-inductive and vascular effects allow the treatment of a wide range of tendinous pathologies, but also allow the activation of processes involving the re-absorption of calcifications, especially when they are localised in the smallest joints, and help to increase the reparative processes (osteogenesis) in osteo-articular pathologies and fractures.   Besides the manual setting, the Shockwave device has got a series of pre-set therapeutic protocols (whose values can be adjusted by the operator) and a memory for storing customized treatments.


Universal electronically controlled trainer for active and passive mobilization of the upper as well as the lower limbs. This revolutionary concept makes expensive accessories superfluous. The height and the length of the crank are easily adjusted to provide a variable range of motion.  The passive mode is a powered movement at regulated speeds, for exercise of limbs that have limited or no muscle power. A unique auto-reverse feature reverses the direction in case of a muscle seizure so that the affected muscles are released.  The active mode enables a wide range of exercises, either workload dependent, where the resistance level is constant regardless of pedal speed, or isokinetic where resistance increases as speed increases.


These devices are special high quality products addressing the dysfunction of motoric control, coordination, sense of balance and muscle function. It is particularly suitable for usage in physical and sport therapy, orthopedics and rehabilitation.   Each provides a different yet enjoyable way of treatment as the first is the GymTop Professional USB which provides users and patients the opportunity not merely to react to dislocation, but to effectuate dislocations actively and systematically thanks to the feedback of optical, acoustical and tactile analysers, and the second which use vibration technology to increase proprioception and gives a three level of balance training


Working out with this equipment is an excellent aerobic exercise; it gives total body training while providing different programs that can be personalized so that the patient will train the specific muscle group that he needs to maintain overall fitness and increase endurance level. Elliptical Machine is suitable for athlete rehabilitation knowing that it provides specialized programs depending on heart rate and fitness level that can be easily measured through this equipment.


Rowing is a very effective way of exercise. In addition to strengthening the heart and improving circulation, it develops the various groups of large muscles: the back, the abdomen, the arms, the shoulders as well as the pelvis and the legs. Rowing also develops muscular flexibility without exertion on joint, and it is recommended form of exercise for those who suffer from pains in the neck and shoulder areas.


It is a rehabilitation device for shoulder and elbow stiffness, impingement syndrome, and pre and post operative treatment, most of them are active exercises, but passive or self passive mobilization and proprioceptive exercises. The wheel allows monitoring range of motion recovery by providing quick and reliable assessment, based on comparison between previous and following measures. Being able to check the degree of joint motion reached in each repetition, the patient will feel motivated, encouraged and engaged in exercise.


Working out on stationary bike improves body fitness and endurance as it is an excellent aerobic exercise. Therapeutic stationary bike provides a various programs that fit all the patient need from weight reduction to athlete training; it also measures the percentage of body fat to give a suitable program for weight reduction.


Working out with this equipment is an excellent aerobic exercise, the principle being that the exercise should be light and for long duration which will improve maximum oxygen intake, which in turn improves endurance and fitness. This device enables you to measure your heart rate and give you the right level of effort using the available programs to produce the best result. Weather you want to walk, jog or run this treadmill provides safety, easiness and comfort to all patients from athlete to none. It present different exercise profiles in order to insure versatile, pleasant and goal oriented training. Top


aser therapy uses particular light wave that has certain characteristic, laser is used in many medical cases such as  tendons, muscles, and sport injuries


We use traction for cervical and lumbar region in a safe and comfortable way, traction is used for pain relief by  decreasing muscle tension and nerve compression


The physiological effects of ultrasound are:       Micro Massage, deep thermal effect, chemical effect on skin and accelerate tissue healing   Ultrasound is used to decrease inflammation, muscle relaxation and pain relief. Top


The cryotherapy relief pain and decrease swelling through decreasing tissue temperature down to (-30) degree.   The physiological effects of cryotherapy are:       Muscle relaxation , pain relief, decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation  


The device is an excellent choice for treating circulatory and lymphatic disorder in upper and lower limbs.   In this machine there are six preset programs to treat disorder at different level. Top


This machine flexes and extends the knee passively without any pain. The therapists adjust the speed, rang and total time according to pt condition.   The advantage of the machine is to reduce complication of immobilization, improve joint metabolism, increase reabsorbing joint edema and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to avoid deep vein thrombosis.  


The device helps female to do pelvic floor exercise in comfortable, safe and interesting way.   The device increase pelvic floor muscle strength to avoid incontinence and accelerate post natal rehabilitation.  


The effect of infrared is to elevate temperature in the superficial part of skin.   The physiological effects of infrared are: improve blood circulation, decrease inflammation, decrease muscle spasm and pain relief. Top


 Pain killer: This device treats acute and chronic pain and is used to accelerate healing process, increase muscle strength and decrease inflammation     Neostem: This device gives three type of electrical current: biphasic current, galvanic current and TENS. The device contains 40 preset programs and a large free memory places to store personalized programs     Combination units: Our center has 2 machines and each machine contains all type of electrical current.     These machine contain preset protocols; therapist can adjust these protocols according to patient conditions and save adjustment with patient name.     In these devices the therapist is able to use electrical stimulation with vacuum or with ultrasound to the quality of treatment.     The uses of these devices is to treat many conditions like Pain relief, muscle strengthening, decrease muscle spasm and improve muscle circulation.